The Coughing Dragon | Global Market Series - China
17 February 2024

11:00-12:00 WIB

Zoom Meeting

Deskripsi Workshop

The world’s second largest economy is in pain. Gigantic defaults, bailouts are huge. The impact is not only bearing local but also spreading global. Today, China is responsible for 18 % of the world’s economy. The structural slowdown is surely bad for everybody.

In this 1-hour Zoom, Fei Ming explains the Monetary Fallacies, Structural Failures, Market’s Mood, and the Risk Appetite in China these days.

Who should attend?

  1. Decision Maker
  2. Business Owner
  3. C-Levels

Why attend?

China holds US$ 18T GDP with US$ 3.7T exports. Understanding its (growth) trajectory is immense to keep abreast our profitable businesses and sustainable investments.

Lokasi Workshop

Zoom Meeting
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